What is Deviceknit?

You might have seen a new page called Deviceknit, it’s on twitter, Facebook and on the web, it’s a pretty cool thing. But what exactly is it?
By now you have probably heard about instructables, Instructables is a site where you share small guides on how to do stuff.
Well.. Deviceknit might the tech-lovers new instructables. It basically lets people share different things you can do with the gadgets you already own.
For an example, If you have any old DSLR or digital camera just lying around, and at the same time you just upgraded that old iPhone to a shiny new Android device? It would be a shame to let those device’s fade. So here is a ‘Deviceknit Implementation’ that shows how to make a 3d hologram using those two devices. And here is another for making a home surveilance system using an iphone and a mac! It’s a pretty nifty site infact, iknow you are looking at that old dusty gadget in you closet now. Well what are you waiting for? Go see what can be done with it, DeviceKnit! (more…)

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Waterfalls that are running upwards

Holy crap these waterfalls are going upwards! And the wind is to blame, apareantely there is one heck of a storm going on in Australia right now.

Winds are now so strong on the southern coast of Australia—74.5mph (120km/h)—that waterfalls are running upwards. The water is just being blown up from the bottom. The situation’s crazy, especially for those commuters in their ferries.

According to the BBC, “nearly a month’s worth of rain has fallen on [Sidney] in 24 hours”.


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Free Spotify invites!

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Apple has finally released their new version of Mac os X, while developers have had acces to it for some time already the public can now get it for a small sum. You can get it from the Mac Appstore as an installer package. Later on Apple will also begin selling thumb drives with the operating system on it for 69$.

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Watch this Buzz-Saw stop in less than a millisecond

Would you let your kids use a Cirkular saw? With this technology i would. This technology uses conductors on the blade to sense a when to stop, perhaps when a finger crosses? It cost’s roughly 60$ to replace the break and the blade, but a finger can never be replaced. Also it looks really cool in highspeed film. This clip was taken from TimeWarp on Discovery channel.

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